Splashpower brings a new way to charging mobile devices by wireless.

How it works
There are two parts to a wirelesss power system

1. Splashpower charging base - this can charge many different mobile devices
2. Any device with a suitable Splashpower receiver

The charging base may be a standalone charger or built into another product (eg desk, printer).
The Splashpower receiver may be an aftermarket adaptor (SplashModule) or built in the device

Power transfer
The charging base transfers power to the receiver through close coupled magnetic induction. Magnetic induction is the same basic principle widely used in high powered transformers and motors.

There are many advantages to this approach to wireless power:

  • Power is transfered with very high efficiency and coupled into the receiver
  • Power can be similar to that of a wired charger (giving similar charge times)
Small receivers allow attractive adaptors and easy integration into devices including handsets

Safety, control and low power-down mode
The Splashpower charger can recognise when a Splashpower enabled device is present:

  • This allows automatic operation when a device is placed on the charger - for convenience
  • This allows automatic "low power down" - to save energy when no device is present
  • "Foreign objects" will not cause the charger to power up

The Splashpower receiver includes power conversion and control features

  • These allow the device to "see" the same power profile as if plugged into a wired charge
Any device fitted with a suitable Splashpower receiver is ready to receive power from a SplashPad. The receiver is very small and can be in the form of an adaptor module or built into a device.

Splashpower has developed adaptors (SplashModules) for leading mobile phones and MP3/Media players.