The "Entertrainer" will give you the virtual experience of powering any TV or stereo with physical exercise.The "Entertainer" will calculate the ideal heart rate as an activated remote control.If you want to try this,you only need to watch Tv and keep your heart rate within the target range.It is based upon medically approved points that take into account your age and exercise goals.You may also set it for any specific range desired.It does not generate electricity.

If the volume begins to drop, you need to work harder. If you do not reach your target, the volume will continue to drop and the TV will eventually turn off. Conversely, if you work too hard the volume level will increase, prompting you to slow down!

You may use it with any type of fitness such as calisthenics,floor exercise,Tae-Bo,free weights,jump rope,etc,,.

The Entertrainer costs $139.99 and comes with a two-year warranty.